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How Faira Vets our Home Inspectors

At Faira, every home seller gets an inspection before their house goes on the market - completely free. The inspection is then posted right on the listing page so any interested buyer or agent can review it in a single click. Revealing the home's condition upfront is part of what makes Faira's process work so well. Since buyers know more about the home, they can make more confident decisions about their offer.

Our operations team vets all of our home inspectors thoroughly before we send them out to a customer's home. Here are some of our requirements:

Home inspectors must send sample inspection reports:

  • Reports must be well-written and easily understandable (with photos).
  • Reports must be detailed. There are inspectors out there that will just say something like “kitchen: inspected” – that’s just not good enough for us.

Home inspectors must have excellent availability and communication:

  • Turnaround for scheduled appointments must be within a week. We prefer if they can deliver the next day.
  • High level of communication: Vendors on our current list are high-touch communicators - meaning they have worked hard to earn our business and are very responsive to our inquiries.

Other considerations:

  • Cost is something we ask about to ensure it’s not outrageous, but we don’t focus on this as a hardline “no” if the inspections are excellent. We want to be known for quality among our customers.
  • Informative and updated website with online scheduling.
  • We like to see home inspectors who take an educative approach to their business. The more resources that buyers/sellers/agents can use to educate themselves, the better.
  • All of our vendors are independently chosen by our own Google search or by their own outreach. We don’t have anyone on our vendor list who was picked because they were a “friend of a friend” or a big brokerage referral. This allows Faira to stay committed to quality and independence.

Are you considering selling? Talk to us! Call 1-800-571-FAIR or learn more about selling your home with Faira.

Katrina Wisner

Written by Katrina Wisner

Katrina is the Director of Marketing at Faira.


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