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New! Faira Offer Assist Pays Home Buyers 3% For Finding Their Own Home

offer-assist-visuals-04-1.pngIt's tough out there for Seattle area home buyers. The market is hot and competition can be fierce. Faira sellers love that our new technology empowers them to sell their home free, but what about buyers? We've heard from many buyers that they would like to use Faira to buy a home. Since the decision to use Faira starts with the seller, buyers can't take advantage of Faira's transparent process and modern technology unless the seller chooses to list their home using Faira.

So we came up with a new option for buyers: Faira Offer Assist. Now buyers can make an offer on any home in the Seattle area and Faira will give the buyer the full commission back at closing. That's 3% that can be used to make a stronger offer, renovate a new home or replenish a savings account!

How Offer Assist Works:

If you've identified a home you want and are ready to make an offer, contact us at 1-800-571-FAIR or fill out this form and we will write your offer and coordinate a pre-inspection. At closing, Faira will give you the full buyer's agent commission which is typically 3%. On a $500,000 home, a buyer would receive $15,000 at closing!

The fee for the program is just 0.5% which in the above scenario would be $2,500 paid to Faira. 

There is no better deal out there for home buyers. Contact us and get paid at closing!


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Katrina Wisner

Written by Katrina Wisner

Katrina is the Director of Marketing at Faira.