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What is a Faira Certified Listing?


We've heard so many stories from home buyers who discovered too late that the home they were pursuing had hidden issues that increased costs, created delay, and compounded stress! At Faira, we're working to improve the home buying experience for you. 

Buying with Faira is different because you get all the information about the house upfront. 

A Faira Certified listing includes 3 main components:

  1. Inspection Report
  2. Preliminary Title Report
  3. Appraisal Guarantee

Having this critical information upfront allows you to pursue a home without worrying if there are hidden problems you will discover only after you are under contract.

The inspection

All Faira Certified listings include a downloadable inspection report. This is a walk-through home inspection conducted by an independent licensed inspector. Faira certifies that this inspection is accurate. In fact, if you conduct your own inspection using a licensed home inspector during the due dillgence period and find a significant omission in Faira’s inspection report, we will return your Initial Platform Fee ($500) paid when your offer was accepted.

Preliminary Title Report

The preliminary title report is ordered by Faira and is also available for download right on the Faira listing. The title report will reveal any liens, encroachments, and easements that have been recorded against the property. The title company compiles the report from a search of county records in order to issue title insurance.

By having this report upfront, you will know if there are any financial risks you are taking on if you choose to pursue the property. If the title report is clear, you can feel confident moving forward.

The Appraisal Guarantee

When you buy a home with Faira, we provide you with an Appraisal Guarantee certificate. This certificate means Faira is guaranteeing that your lender ordered appraisal will be at least the amount on the certificate. The Faira Appraisal Guarantee value is based on the appraised price, if an appraisal is ordered upfront by the seller, or the contracted purchase price, if an appraisal was not ordered.

The Faira certification process was designed to help buyers make better decisions when selecting and pursuing a home. Check out our home listings to see how we’ve brought all of this critical information to the front of the transaction to improve the home buying experience.


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Katrina Wisner

Written by Katrina Wisner

Katrina is the Director of Marketing at Faira.