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A resolution you can keep: Saving money

Everyone has a resolution or two for the new year, and for many of us, one of the things we want to do better is save money. With just a few behavior changes, some big, some small, you could save thousands this year if you really put your mind (and your money) to it. Of course, we're going to sneak in a nod to Faira's platform as one of the ways you can save - but now that you know that, here are Faira's top 10 ways to save money in the new year.

1. Cash envelopes to keep you honest. Seriously, going old school to stick to a budget is super effective. And kind of cute. Example> https://amzn.to/2GbN3le (not an ad, we just like them)

2. Stop smoking. No matter what you smoke, if it’s good, it costs you money. See how much you save in the new year by just saying no.

3. Say hello to sack lunches: (Eating out, or worse, delivery, is so expensive.) UberEats thinks that 3.99 delivery fee seems small, and they’re right. It does. Until you start ordering out once a week. There's a couple hundred bucks saved in 2019 delivery fees alone if you were a once-a-week delivery addict, and you gives it up cold turkey! Plus who doesn’t love a homemade sandwich?

4. Get some smart gadgets: Gadgets can save you money on things like your utility bills. Example: Compact fluorescent bulbs can save you $100 a year easy. Or call your utility company to give your place an energy efficiency audit. Upgrading large appliances over time to make them more green will save you green in the long run.

5. Ready to buy a home? If you go with a traditional real estate broker they’ll take a big commission (6% of the selling price is the norm! That's $15,000 gone if you're selling a $300,000 house) Nowadays, real estate disruptors like Faira are offering new options that allow you to save big. Only Faira offers an e-commerce platforms that allow buyers and sellers to do the transaction themselves - in real time - at a fraction of the price. The entire sale can be done for as little as 0.5% out of pocket. www.faira.com

6. Staycation instead of Vacation: Be a tourist in your own city, explore local geocaching, float the river or go camping an hour out of town. If you want to be mobile, rent an RV and go on a hiking quest, or do it Griswold-style and hop in the Family Truckster for a little cross-country exploration. Budget staycations/vacations can be done, and with the right snacks, they can be great. Plus, cutting down on air travel is a big part of reducing your carbon

7. Cut the cord. If you haven’t gotten rid of your cable subscription in favor of your parents’ HBO Go password and a shared Hulu Premium with your best friend, you ain’t livin’. 

8. Gone to Collections: Stop collecting things, and start selling them. That He-Man/She-Ra action set still in the box… let it work for you. Plus, if they don't give you joy, the queen of de-cluttering says they gotta go. 

9. Make your own coffee (painful) But here’s the thing… if you’re picking up a latte every weekday, that’s like $1,200 a year that you could be putting toward your larger, less caffeinated but much more important spending goal. Maybe invest $20 in a french press. 

10. Get rid of that credit card debt. Ever look at how much interest you’re being charged every month? Hundreds? Imagine if that was all going into your savings account at the end of the day. Hint: hit the big balance first. 


Lisa S.

Written by Lisa S.

Director of Communications, Faira


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