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Selling your home to an iBuyer? Don't leave money on the table!

Redfin Direct vs Faira

Faira's Offerings for Buyers Crush the Cash Back Competition

Seattle Market Watch: The 5 Things You Need To Know

Is the Seattle Cooling already over?

Tips For Sellers

The 12 Things Technology Made Obsolete

Faira part of the PropTech boom expected in 2019

Bay Area stays hot, Seattle drops off

Faira Gives Back

A resolution you can keep: Saving money

Location vs. list price - Which is more important to your home sale?

Selling in Greater Seattle's Cooling Market

The Home Inspection: What to Expect

Is It a Good Time to Sell My Home?

The Science Behind Faira

Zillow, Redfin and now Faira - What's the Difference?

Faira Real Estate Agent Reviews

Same as Cash Guarantee

Breaking Down Lance Bass's Brady Bunch House Heartbreak

How to Price Your Home

Introduction to Saving for a Down Payment

Step by Step Guide to Using the Calculator

VIDEO: Buying and Selling a Home with Faira

How Debt Affects Your Home Purchase

What if I Lower My Down Payment?

High Savings "Diet" for the Down Payment

What is the Maximum You Can Afford?

4 Home Showing Options

Faira: Huge Time Saver for Agents

RESOLVED: Faira Charged by DOL

Faira is Modernizing Real Estate

How to Buy a Home

Former eBay Employees Launch Startup, Disrupt Real Estate

Customer Stories: Offer Assist Lake Tahoe, California

Commuting Times and Costs for Seattle Neighborhoods

First Time Home Buyers: 4 Ways To Save When Buying A House

First Time Home Buyers: Single-Family vs. Condominium vs. Multifamily vs. Fixer-Upper

5 of the Most Common Home Buyer Mistakes

First Time Home Buyers: 30-year-fixed vs. 15-year-fixed vs. 5/1 ARM

First Time Home Buyers: Pre-Qualified Vs. Pre-Approved

Faira Launches in California

First Time Home Buyers: Your Credit Score and Buying a Home

First Time  Home Buyers: Create your Wish List

First Time Home Buyers: Is Owning Right for You?

Selling a Home in the Winter

Knowing the Price of a Home

Case Study: Redmond Ridge

Video: Selling With Faira

Infographic: Selling a Home with Faira

Landscaping To Sell

Buyer Frustration Fuels Innovation

Sell Faster With Home Staging

5 Ways to Increase Your Curb Appeal

Customer Stories - Kevin

5 Ways to Increase Your Home Value

How to Declutter Your Home

The Cost of Mispricing Your Home

5 Tips For a Faster Home Sale

Faira Pays Buyers 3% For Finding Their Own Home

Best Day to List on the MLS

Seven Steps to Hosting An Open House

Customer Stories: Alice & Brad

How to List Your Home on the MLS

How commissions affect your sale cost

Customer Stories: Carrie & David

Customer Stories: Shub

Selling Your Own Home

How to List Your Home for Sale

Growing out of your Condo?

Why Faira Brings You 35% More Home Buyers

Seattle Bidding Wars: A New Solution

How to Sell Your Home

Preparing Your Home to Sell: What to Fix

How Faira Can Help Home Buyers and Sellers in Seattle

6 Tips for First-time Home Sellers

Simple Contract = Painless Purchase

5 Things to Consider when Choosing to Move or Improve

Deciding whether you should sell your home without an agent?

How to Write a Home Listing Description that Sells

A New Home for the Holidays?

What is a Faira Certified Listing?

Professional Photography for Home Selling

How to Make an Offer on a Home with Faira

Faira Home Buyer Protection: The Appraisal Guarantee

Real Change in Real Estate Starts with the Seller

Home Negotiation: Bidding Wars and Escalation Clauses

5 DIY Home Staging Tips

Faira: Creating Cost Efficiency

Why We've Eliminated Earnest Money

Flat Fee MLS Listing vs. Faira

Faira: Built on Proven Economic Principles

Open Letter to Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff

Faira Q&A with CEO Kamal Jain

The Best Way to Market Your Home