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kevin.jpgRecently married, Kevin and his wife wanted a family friendly house they could grow into. They knew they needed to sell their Queen Anne condo so they could use the proceeds to buy a new home. 

In the rising Seattle market, the Muellers needed to keep as much equity from the sale as possible so they could make a competitive offer on their next home. They looked in to several options for the sale of their condo - including FSBO and Redfin - but still were not satisfied with the support and options that would afford them.

After seeing an article in the Seattle Times, it took Kevin only one day to decide to use Faira.  Taking advantage of the savings and services offered by Faira, the condo was listed for $459,000 and the couple hoped to get $500K. The condo had several interested buyers competing  and sold days later for $513,420.

Queen Anne condo sold on Faira

The Muellers ended up saving $15,000 - money they put towards the purchase of a new home.


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Lauren Haule

Written by Lauren Haule

Lauren is a Faira blog contributor.


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