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Faira part of the PropTech boom expected in 2019

Real estate’s big tech disruptors are poised for a big 2019. Top venture capitalists recently told Forbes that they expect continued investment in PropTech in the next 12 months, “with more deals done and more capital deployed.”

So what exactly are they spending money on? Real estate-focused tech companies that are changing the game for real estate - just like Amazon changed the game for shopping. True disrupters that create permanent changes in consumer habits. Already, PropTech leaders like Faira, OpenDoor, and PurpleBricks are changing the way homes are bought and sold - forever.

And Faira is leading the pack of companies poised to take a huge piece of the VC pie in 2019. With stunning profits for home sellers (more than $10 million in take-home cash since 2016), it’s one of the most desirable because its big feature is saving buyers and sellers big bucks. On average, Faira saves sellers $20,000 when they eschew the traditional agent route and choose Faira's online platform. Buyers benefit too - getting about 2% back after each transaction. With profits like that, Faira has some very happy customers.

And it’s growing: Faira just launched in California and Arizona in late 2018 - expanding its 3-state reach to millions more on the move - and looking to save cash. Couple that with huge internal growth (read: Faira is hiring), this is a company that knows big things are ahead, and is preparing accordingly.

Lisa S.

Written by Lisa S.

Director of Communications, Faira


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