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Faira's Offerings for Buyers Crush the Cash Back Competition

Faira started out with the goal of making home sales easier and more transparent, and from that, our seller program was born. It just so happens that we created a system that's just as exciting for buyers.

The Faira buyer program gives people two different options: 2% cash back with less guidance from an agent, or 1% cash back with more agent guidance.

Recently, the director of that program, Matt McGaffey, was helping a client who came to Faira interested in buying a home worth $1.55M. And in the process of helping that client, McGaffey drew up a stunning buyer's side comparison between Faira, Redfin, or Flyhomes:

  • Redfin rebate/credit: up to $5,195
  • Flyhomes credit: up to $11,663
  • Faira cash rebate: $31,100

Now, these are all brokerages that offer buyers different discounts, and they all seem appealing at the outset because they're better deals (cash back!) than the "traditional" buyer's route, which pays old-fashioned agent commissions instead of kicking cash back to the buyer.

But Faira's cash rebate is almost triple what the next best competitor can offer. We mean it when we say "up to 2% cash back at closing."

Check out what one recent Faira buyer had to say about the process:

google review

"We were able to buy a house for less than asking, plus got a check for more than $11k deposited in our bank within 48 hours of closing!"

Enough said. Faira is the choice for smart buyers.

Learn more: https://www.faira.com/buy

Lisa S.

Written by Lisa S.

Director of Communications, Faira


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