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How to Write a Home Listing Description that Sells


Have you ever wondered what's the best way to intrigue a potential homebuyer before they even step foot in your home? Professional photography can tell part of the story, but the listing description is essential in bringing those photos to life. Choosing the right structure and wording can communicate the value of your home, and motivate buyers to attend an open house or schedule a tour.

Sell it with simplicity

In the listing description, sellers are limited to 500 characters. While this may sound like quite a bit, this translates (roughly) into one small paragraph. So, use words that will resonate with your ideal market, and cut the fluff. Highlight key features of your property like a master suite, crown molding, outdoor entertaining spaces or walk-in closet. Renovations and remodeling can add significant value to your listing, and are a must-include item. 

Paint the picture

While you need not be the next Hemingway, be thoughtful in your word choice. Guide the potential homebuyer through the home in your listing description, as if you were seeing the home for the first time yourself. Consider this: if someone was given just the listing description of your home, would they be able to notice the key features? Would they be able to pick it from a line-up of similar homes? Likely, potential homebuyers will be in a very similar circumstance, glancing through flyers they've picked up along the way, and you want to make sure that your description brings their imagination right back to your property.

Learn the rules

Of utmost importance is keeping the description universal, unbiased, and refrains from any discriminatory or offensive language. Words or phrases like "walking distance," "family home," or "his-and-hers sinks" are all not allowed. To see a list of words, phrases, symbols, and forms regulated by the Fair Housing Act, click here.

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Meaghan Gerhart

Written by Meaghan Gerhart

Meaghan is the Sales and Marketing Analyst for Faira


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