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Faira Launches in California

Everything you need to sell your home. Free. Now in California.


We set out with the goal to reduce complexity and increase transparency for home buyers and sellers. With over 80 successful sales in one of the hottest real estate markets, Seattle, we have saved home sellers over two million dollars since we started just over a year ago!

 With this level of success, we are proud to announce an additional investment of $1.2 million that will allow us to expand to California. We have our partner brokers on the ground now in the Bay Area, ready to serve home buyers and sellers.

Sellers get a free MLS listing, professional photos, home inspection, marketing materials, signage and and online offer platform to negotiate the sale. Buyers get the most transparency upfront and can save 3% if they buy direct on Faira.com.

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Faira Offer Assist is also available in California for buyers who find a home without the help of an agent. Faira will give the full commission back - typically 3%. 

There is no hotter market than San Francisco  - where the average home sales price has now surpased $1.1 million. However, after saving our home sellers in Seattle $20,000 on average, we know the savings for sellers in California will be even greater. 

We are excited about this opportunity to expand our reach and provide real value to our customers by building a fair and transparent process for one of the most significant financial transactions in life. We’re working every day to build a better experience for our customers and look forward to helping you achieve your dreams of homeownership or helping you sell your home. To learn more about buying or selling your home visit us at Faira.com or read through our FAQs

Brenden Martin

Written by Brenden Martin

Brenden Martin is a Marketing Strategist at Faira.com after working as a Realtor in Texas and launching multiple tech startups.


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