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Selling a Home in the Winter


If you want or need to sell your home between November till February, here are a few questions you possibly have struggled with: 

  • Will someone want to buy now (it’s cold/wet/icy/snowy)? 
  • Does it make sense to wait? 
  • Will I make more money on my home if I wait?

As a former agent and current Client Relationship Manager at Faira, these are questions I’ve received from 99% of sellers during winter months.  And these concerns makes sense.  For years, we’ve been told not to sell during the winter: "wait until Spring".  We’ve concluded most people do not want to be uncomfortable outside as they look for their next home.  We’ve been lead to believe our home will only sell when it’s sunny, birds are singing, flowers are blooming because that's what our buyers want to see.

My question to you is this:  If a buyer needs a home now, do they want to wait another two plus months to be able to get one?  No.  They don’t.  Home-buying isn’t always tied in with the school year or the weather.  Many buyers are relocating for jobs.  Many don’t have children.  Some are downsizing.  Some are upsizing because of children. They need/want a home now!

Also, the fact is, nationwide - and especially in Seattle, home inventory is at a record low.  There are simply not enough homes for sale to satisfy the number of buyers who need a home.  This is also known as a seller’s market.  So if you have a home ready to sell now, there are buyers who want your home…now!

In the past few weeks we've seen Faira home sellers succeed even during the holidays. They sold their home on Christmas Eve.  They sold on New Year’s Eve.  Again, there are buyers who want your home…now.

To sum up my answer about waiting till Spring, in three words: “No.  Don’t wait!”

And by the way, if you sell with Faira, you put the 6% commissions you’d pay another agent, in your own bank account!


Bill Drews

Written by Bill Drews

Bill Drews is the Client Relationship Manager at Faira. You can call Bill at 1-800-571-FAIR to learn more about how Faira can help you sell your home.


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