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Customer Stories: Carrie & David


Changing the way people think about real estate is a challenging task. Any change, even good, is always met with hesitation when its unfamiliar. But all change needs to start from somewhere, and here at Faira that was with our first customers, Carrie & David.  

Their Story  

The Nilsen family had outgrown their home in Lynwood, WA. They wanted out of the city, and purchased a beautiful 7 acre mini farm in Snohomish.  Next came the task of selling their home.   

"Our agent had trouble selling our home despite it being labeled a 'hot home.' We expected a bidding war, but after 6 weeks were stretched thin financially.  When she started pushing for a short sale despite our 40+k of equity, we started looking for different options."  

Enter Faira.  At no cost to the Nilsens and only 0.5% to the buyer, Faira provided professional pictures, a lock box, flyers, open house signs, and a home inspection.                                                   

Home Facts       

Address2723 145th St SW, Lynwood, WA                                                                                                       

List: $364,950                                                                                                              

Sale: $364,950                                                                                                               


Once prepared, the listing was put into the MLS and picked up on Zillow, Redfin and other housing sites immediately for buyers to find.

The Results  

The Nilsens accepted a full price offer the day after their listing was up and had numerous others ready to write up offers within that first week.  With this new platform they were in control, and able to get the price they wanted for their home. 

"We loved working with Faira because it allowed us to bypass the real estate game and do it ourselves. The CEO, Kamal, was also extremely available and helpful to work with. The  best part about working with Faira was being able to speak directly to our buyer, who is now our friend!"  

If you'd like to find out how Faira can help you sell your home, give us a call at 1-800-571-FAIR or just start your listing and we'll be in touch to help you.


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Lauren Haule

Written by Lauren Haule

Lauren is a Faira blog contributor.


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