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Tips For Sellers

Alright, the snow has (finally) melted, some bulbs are peeking through the ground, and maybe - just maybe - it's starting to feel like Spring is right around the corner.

We love this time of year because it means we get to help you save tons of money when you put your house on the market. But in order for your sale to go well, you have to do more than just list with Faira. Yes, that will save you the most money, but successful sales entail several components. So no matter if you're in a seller's market where homes are causing bidding wars and selling like hotcakes, or a cooler market where buyers are starting to get better deals - these tips will help you maximize your selling price so you get the most out of the sale.

#1) Price it right. We cannot emphasize the importance of finding the sweet spot when it comes to pricing. It's very tempting for sellers to ask for the top end of what they think their home is worth. And in a hotter market, sometimes that worked. But in a cooling market, like the one in Seattle, it's imperative that you look at what homes like yours have sold for, consider the bonuses and drawbacks, and price it fairly. Oftentimes, "fairer" prices will attract more buyers, and end up creating competition that takes you up to or beyond the price you really want. With Faira One, an agent can guide you through this process easily.

2) Consider staging. Yes, your decor is probably gorgeous, but we all accumulate a little clutter even when we've taken Marie Kondo's advice. Home stagers can create a image-2clean, stylized look that will optimize your home for anyone viewing it online. And let's face it, the majority of seekers will find you there first. Plus, it's true what they say: First impressions are the most important. So give your house the best chance at a quick, lucrative sale by making sure it looks the best it possibly can. *Same rules apply to the yard. Hire a landscaper before pictures.

 3) Post a sign in your yard! That way, lookie-loos and drive-by inquirers know that your house is on the market, and they can look up the details when they get home.

11377396_770763106376165_6986269499031557197_n4) Spring is the thing. Who wants to go out in the rain and look at houses? No one! Who wants to show a house to a bunch of buyers who track muddy boots on the nice floors? No one! That's why winter (especially in the PNW) is kind of a dead zone for housing. But spring... as soon as the pink blossoms start peeking out of the cherry trees, those "For Sale" signs start popping up everywhere - and for good reason.

Not only do you have buyers more willing to explore in the sunshine, but people know the sale can take weeks - sometimes months - and they want to be able to do all that when the weather allows. And statistically, homes spend the least time on the market when they're listed in the month of March. 

5) Make sure the photos sparkle. That thing we said about the first impression being crucial? We meant it. 99% of the time the person searching for your home is going to see pictures online first. So those pictures need to be professionally done. If you have curb appeal, it's got to be apparent from the word go - or in this case - click. Find out how you can schedule a photographer for free on Faira's online seller's dashboard.

6) Remember, you can do this. If you've chosen Faira Free, you're about to reap the rewards of a sale free of a seller's agent - meaning you're going to save thousands. You don't need an agent to complete the transaction.

If you've chosen Faira One, you have an agent guiding you through this experience for a fraction of the normal cost (just 1% with Faira!). Expect smooth sailing all the way.

If you've chosen Faira Premium, you know that you can accept the highest offer on your home, knowing it will close, with Faira Premium's Same as Cash Guarantee.

And if you haven't decided on how to list your home but you want to learn more about how Faira can save you money - call 1-800-571-FAIR or send a note to hello@faira.com

7) Enjoy The Ride. The money you save when your house sells will have you telling everyone you know about the latest "life-hack" you just discovered.

Check it out, try something new, and who knows, maybe with all that money you save, you can take a tropical vacation... and really leave Winter behind. 


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Lisa S.

Written by Lisa S.

Director of Communications, Faira


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