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Bay Area stays hot, Seattle drops off

Zillow has released its list of hot housing markets for the next 12 months. And if this list had a theme song, it would be California Love. San Jose is Zillow's #1 hottest housing market for 2019, San Francisco is #6, with San Diego coming it at #10.

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A resolution you can keep: Saving money

Everyone has a resolution or two for the new year, and for many of us, one of the things we want to do better is save money. With just a few behavior changes, some big, some small, you could save thousands this year if you really put your mind (and your money) to it. Of course, we're going to sneak in a nod to Faira's platform as one of the ways you can save - but now that you know that, here are Faira's top 10 ways to save money in the new year.

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Location vs. list price - Which is more important to your home sale?

“Location, Location, Location.” You’ve probably heard this phrase more than once about real estate. Conventional wisdom says that location is the most important factor in selling a home—but is it really? The location of your home can’t be changed, so if your property isn’t located in a hot neighborhood, what can you do?

That’s when you move to the next most important factor—the beginning list price.

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Home Selling

Selling in Greater Seattle's Cooling Market

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Home Selling

The Home Inspection: What to Expect

To many homeowners the idea of a home inspection is always met with a slight raise in heart rate.  Having every nook and cranny of your home put under a microscope is a bit intimidating. And why shouldn't it be? Just mention the word and a mental checklist of all the things you've been putting off - or just completely ignoring - runs through your head like an old flickering neon sign.  There is no fault in the endless duties of homeownership and the inevitable work left trickling along.  

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Home Selling

Is It a Good Time to Sell My Home?

Is this a good time to sell? We get this question often. This is a natural question, since everybody wants to time the market in their favor.

First, some observations from what we've seen on Faira. Our sell through rate has been higher in 2018 than last year. We have been getting multiple offers on many of our homes. Our homes are selling well.

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The Science Behind Faira

You may be wondering, why is Faira able to make home selling free?

Here's the reason: Faira is anti-complexity.

Complexity makes buying and selling a home more expensive for everybody involved. Faira makes home sales simple, saving sellers thousands of dollars in the process. So, when it comes time for a buyer to make an offer, there is no complexity. Here are three reasons why Faira is simple and free for sellers:

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Zillow, Redfin and now Faira - What's the Difference?

Seattle is a hotbed for real estate tech. We are home to popular real estate sites like Zillow and Redfin which have changed how people shop for homes. Many people ask us, "How is Faira different than Redfin and Zillow?" There's a big difference and I'll explain.

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Home Selling

Same as Cash Guarantee

As part of Faira Premium, we are now offering a same as cash guarantee. When offers are received, they may be cash or subject to financing. Sellers sometimes miss the opportunity to take a higher offer because they prefer to take a lower cash offer. If you use this program, you can now accept an offer subject to financing with high confidence, as if it was a cash offer. This levels the playing field and may result in stronger competition to give you the best price while improving your peace of mind no matter what offer you take.

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Home Selling

How to Price Your Home

How do I pick the list price?

This is a question we hear a lot. First, let's get the elephant out of the room. Sellers do not determine the sale price of a home, buyers do. What sellers can do is adopt a strategy so you can find the buyer who values your home the most. The sellers may decide not to sell the home, but they can’t directly determine the purchase price of the home.

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