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Redfin Direct vs Faira

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. This week, Redfin released a new tool to enable buyers to make offers on homes online without an agent. Some top news publications covered the story:

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Seattle Market Watch: The 5 Things You Need To Know

Earlier this week we talked about the most recent signs that the Seattle housing market is heating up again - just in time for the Spring season. Looks the trend continues with the latest report from the NWMLS.

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Tips For Sellers

Alright, the snow has (finally) melted, some bulbs are peeking through the ground, and maybe - just maybe - it's starting to feel like Spring is right around the corner.

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The 12 Things Technology Made Obsolete

If you've been de-cluttering and finding things that spark joy, that means you've probably found a few things at the bottom of a cardboard box that don't spark joy. Perhaps you even found a few relics of the past?

Well, we have too, and it got us thinking: What are some things we used to use all the time that technology has rendered... pretty much useless.

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Bay Area stays hot, Seattle drops off

Zillow has released its list of hot housing markets for the next 12 months. And if this list had a theme song, it would be California Love. San Jose is Zillow's #1 hottest housing market for 2019, San Francisco is #6, with San Diego coming it at #10.

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A resolution you can keep: Saving money

Everyone has a resolution or two for the new year, and for many of us, one of the things we want to do better is save money. With just a few behavior changes, some big, some small, you could save thousands this year if you really put your mind (and your money) to it. Of course, we're going to sneak in a nod to Faira's platform as one of the ways you can save - but now that you know that, here are Faira's top 10 ways to save money in the new year.

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Real Estate, Home Selling, Home Buying

Zillow, Redfin and now Faira - What's the Difference?

Seattle is a hotbed for real estate tech. We are home to popular real estate sites like Zillow and Redfin which have changed how people shop for homes. Many people ask us, "How is Faira different than Redfin and Zillow?" There's a big difference and I'll explain.

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Faira Real Estate Agent Reviews

Buying or selling a home is a big deal and can be expensive, so learning how to keep costs low is important for both sellers and buyers. The process of purchasing a house can be time consuming and somewhat confusing, and people aiming to purchase or sell a house are looking for the best way to conduct the transaction.

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Real Estate

Faira: Huge Time Saver for Agents

Dear Brokers,

You work hard to find the right house for your clients. And we know how much effort it takes to make an offer. That’s why all homes listed on Faira.com offer buyer’s agents the standard 3% commission. In a typical month, Faira brings over $100,000+ in commission to buyer’s agents.

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RESOLVED: Faira Charged by DOL

If you're researching Faira, you may have seen an article online or heard from an agent that Faira was charged by the Washington State Department of Licensing for operating as an unlicensed brokerage. The truth is, Faira was sent only a warning letter based on complaints from our competitors mostly. Faira had a real estate license since the first consumer home was listed on our website. We had even mentioned the brokerage license number on our website before the charges were served, stating that all activities requiring a real estate license are done under the privilege of that license number. In the end, that’s all the department of licensing cared about. They asked Faira so provide exactly the same in writing to them, not a word more.

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